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Brew Basics

Brew Basics

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Discover the art of tea blending with our workshop, "Brew Basics." 

Enter into the world of herbal healing as we guide you through the medicinal properties of each carefully selected ingredient.
Learn about the healing properties hidden within these organically grown, locally sourced botanicals and herbs.
In this hands-on experience, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to create your very own custom tea blend, perfectly tailored to your tastes and needs.

Once completed you will have learnt valuable knowledge and crafted your very own tea to take home!

There are only 8 spots to each class
No persons under the age of 18 allowed, yet.

If you have any questions that have no been answered in the above please email so we can help you out!

@makeroom 44 Douglas Street, Milton

Light refreshments included*
*Please make sure to contact us regarding any allergies you may have! 

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