LTS Botanical stands for Lilo The Small Botanical.
Lilo The Small is my online persona where I share vlogs, videos of my dog and things of my everyday life.
LTS Botanical is the business I have created from the growth of my herbal hobbies and research.
I have crafted items and realised I wanted to sell them and here we are.
This patreon is dedicated to sharing the results, efforts and gifts of my botanical journey, I hope you appreciate them and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

I hope the business turns into more than just products but into an empowerment for people to see nature differently, to see herbs differently.
Be able to plant, harvest and identify herbs or botanicals and know they have benefit in their life and enjoy their natural properties, whether it be for pleasure, medicinal or organic.

Please choose from the subscriptions stated with knowledge that all proceeds go towards making more creative and enjoyable gifts for you and all involved.

Head to and check out what I have been working on!