LTS Botanical - Handcrafting Sensory Experiences -  is where nature and life meets wellness and education.

My name is Lilo the owner and creator of LTS Botanical - along with my co-owner Jazz (the dog).

I am passionate about providing premium botanical products that promote health and vitality. While also educating and empowering everyone in crafting their own all natural products!

The journey began with a commitment to sustainability and self sufficiency!
Sourcing the finest local organic ingredients, carefully crafted into products that enhance your well-being.

Driven by a desire to share the benefits of botanicals, I meticulously curate our selection to ensure purity and potency.
Whether you're seeking relaxation, energy or overall wellness, our range of products offers something for everyone.

At LTS Botanical, I prioritize quality and customer satisfaction above all else.
With a dedication to transparency and integrity, I strive to exceed expectations with every product I offer.

Join us on our journey to holistic wellness with LTS Botanical.
Experience the power of nature in every drop.