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LTS Botanical

Spring Equinox Botanical Bath Salt

Spring Equinox Botanical Bath Salt

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The warmth of the sun and the bloom of fruits burst forth into the Spring Equinox waking up the earth.
Wake up your senses and be ready for a new season with this amazing collection of
Watermelon Oil, Passionfruit Oil & Lychee Oil.

Key Ingredients
Epsom Salt helps relax muscles and relieve pain.

Watermelon Oil is rich in beta-carotenes which is beneficial to the healing and repair of skin.

Passionfruit Oil is luscious and fantastic for softening skin.

Lychee Oil is packed with antioxidants which can prevent early signs of aging.

Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Watermelon Oil, Passionfruit Oil, Lychee Oil, Easter Lilly Flowers & Caramel Clay.

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