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LTS Botanical

Purple Haze Wood Wick Candle

Purple Haze Wood Wick Candle

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Purple Haze is a unique scent experience that combines refreshing Lavender & Cedarwood.
This harmonious blend evokes the enchantment of walking through fields of lavender as you watch the sun turn the sky into a Purple Haze.

Choose from;
- 550g Candle Standing at 13.5cm high, 10.5cm wide
- 360g Candle standing at 12.5cm high, 8.5cm wide
- 160g Candle standing at 9cm high, 7cm wide

LTS Botanical Signature Candle Range is hand poured using fragrance oils formulated from essential oils for a safe and clean burn. 
Our wax is a Coconut Soy Blend that is water soluble and does not contain paraffin, beeswax or any other substitute. 

LTS Botanical creates environmentally friendly candles that can be enjoyed by humans and pets.  

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