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LTS Botanical

Love Potion

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Fall in love all over again with Love Potion an intoxicating hit of Rose Geranium Oil, Rose Petals, Elderflowers and Mallow Flowers.

There's also sample sized bath salts perfect as a gift or a party favour.

Looking to try each salt but not ready to purchase a jar?

Try 5 salt tubes for $10

The elements in these salts are sourced locally, plant based and blended by hand.

Fill a bath with water, take two to three heaped or more if desired spoons of salts into bath and soak in bliss.


Key Ingredients

Epsom Salt helps relax muscles and relieve pain.

Rose Geranium Oil contains antibacterial and anti-aging properties which is great for the skin.

Himalayan Salt is used to keep the skin hydrated.


Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Rose Geranium Oil, Mallow Flower, Rose Petals & Elderflower Flowers.