More Than Just Candles

Handcrafting sensory experiences through home and body products to help re-connect to the self. Teaching how to understand, identify and integrate botanicals into everyday life.

This company was created with the purpose of creating skin and soul loving products. Each item is handcrafted, well researched and sustainably made.
Highlighting the herbal properties of each ingredient so you understand what you're putting on your skin and in your body.


    LTS Botanical is based online but we are also found at local markets and events, follow the link below to see if we are holding a stall near you!

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    Did you know we offer refills on all our products that come in a container or jar?

    Bring back your container or jar in good condition and get 20% off your next purchase of the same size.

    If you can't make it to a Market just let us know and we can sort something out.


    Wedding Favours, Event Prizes, Wellness Packages & Custom Pieces

    We make curated gift boxes, custom branding items and special batch orders for any event at any time.

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    Everything that goes into the manufacturing, promoting and selling of LTS products must be of a sustainable practice. 
    This means from ingredient to packaging to shipping every element is reusable, water soluble and recyclable. We are 100% non toxic and vegan friendly.

     We create in small batches and manually wholesale.
    This means we only create and make as much as we need to keep products fresh and presentable. 
    We manually wholesale which means we only provide product when stock is low instead of "product dumping" to prevent waste and loss.


    LTS Botanical creates a community to share and teach all people how to utilise, identify and integrate botanical life into their everyday lives.

    LTS Botanical holds events where anyone can learn and participate in creating beautiful botanical linens using plant based clays, inks and botanical matter. Curated perfumes and blended teas learning the values, properties and science behind each and every element.


    LTS Botanical is encompassed in connection.
    This is relevant through every step of the business, helping people re-connect to the self, re-connect to each other and re-connect to nature. We can't do life alone we are all connected and all energy flows through us. Connecting or re-connecting to this energy is important to this company and the community it influences.