More Than Just Candles

Handcrafting sensory experiences through home and body products to help re-connect to the self. Teaching how to understand, identify and integrate botanical life into everyday life.

This company was created with the purpose of creating skin and soul loving products. Each item is handcrafted, well researched and sustainably made.
Highlighting the herbal properties of each ingredient so you understand what you're putting on your skin and in your body.

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    LTS Botanical is based online but we are also found at local markets and events, follow the link below to see if we are holding a stall near you!

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    If you live in the local Brisbane area I offer local delivery on any purchase, saving you wait time on your valued gifts!

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    Are you wanting to know more about botanical life around you?

    Are you looking to enhance your life with healing herbs, soothing salves and refreshing teas?
    Learn how to understand and create your own herbal remedies in the LTS Botanical Community, share and learn the best of natures own gifts.

    LTS Botanical Community 
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